Quality Policy Ltd. EL-CO, is based on designing, implementing and maintaining market
oriented business system in order to fully meet the demands and expectations of customers
and other interested parties, the continually increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of operations.

For such orientation are assigned to experts, equipment and facilities and staff that accepting process
approach, their work achieves all the objectives. Be better than the competition is the main determinant of all employees.
Performing predetermined activities, provide for the quality of our products in accordance with the appropriate documentation, and
at least at the level of standard.
By analyzing the results of the work, make decisions and take action to improve business results, but not at the expense of quality.
Including employees in the development of the organization, use their knowledge and experience, we recognize their contributions and provide
environment in which they are motivated, and also have the ability to assert themselves with their actions.
We develop partnerships with our customers and suppliers and work with them on a common performance improvement.
All employees are bound to agree to develop a quality culture and to their jobs complete their tasks,
keep working and technological discipline {house all in accordance with established quality policy.

Basic Principles

quality policy to employees serve as a "guiding principle" for their daily work, for responsibility, action and reflection.
Only through good teamwork can provide quality products, processes and systems as a whole.